Lesser Sand Eel

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2015-08-30 17:29
  • Sand Eel
    Sand Eel

This time I have something for sea trout, sea bass and other species, not only saltwater because colors of this pattern are quite universal. The Lesser Sand Eel is a favorite prey of many predators, so in my opinion good to have an imitation during a trip to the Baltic sea or the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The wing in this pattern I have used slightly transparent syntetic hair - the Crystal Hair which looks realistic when wet.

For finishing of the head good quality UV resin is something what I like, the Cure Cure Goo, the Bug Bond or other brand like below and tested by me I can recommend.



Hook: Gamakatsu F314

Thread: UNI Mono fine

Body: Ice Dub Silver + pearl UNI Mylar

Wing: Crystal Hair in Clear and Hot Chartreuse, and Tinsel Hair Plus in Black/Hot Yellow

Eyes: here 3D type

Glue: UV resin

Krystian Niemy




2015-12-15 17:07

What size is the 3d eye?
Krystian Niemy

2015-12-16 23:54

Diameter 5 mm.