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2016-10-05 00:43
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This time I have something for the biggest predators like pike or huchen. The combination of synthetic hair supported on the bucktail and finished by new Stonfo's product - the Streamer Fish Head are the most important features of this pattern.

The wing has been supported on bucktail, its makes that the fly gets the volume without having to use more synthetic material and its shape is more like a real fish.

The Partridge Ad Swier Pike hook has very good opinions among fly anglers and primarily is available in very big sizes and its barbless.



Hook: barbless Partridge Ad Swier Pike no. 6/0

Thread: UTC 280 fluo green

Body: Veniard's chenille Cactus 15mm white/pearl

First wing: chartreuse bucktail + white baitfish silk + silver flash,

Second wing: white bucktail + baitfish silk in silver baitfish color + Lateral Scale, under Tinsel Hair Plus - Red/Hot Pink

Head: Stonfo Streamer Fish Head size 5 + 12mm 3D Oval Pupil eyes + Loon UV resin

Krystian Niemy




2016-12-18 16:15

Love it ! Going to tye some. Thank you !

2017-01-10 03:22

What else can you use in place of cactus chenille if you don't have any handy
Krystian Niemy

2017-01-23 23:10

Hi Anthony, you can use a sparkle dubbing instead (Ice Dub or any similar).